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BYTE Dental Laboratory is a UK laboratory focused on digital dentistry

Via a fully integrated digital workflow system, we offer a full laboratory service focussed on superior quality and fit, manufactured to exacting DAMAS standards at an affordable price.


Intraoral scanner takes patient ‘impression’

Improved image quality through increased level of dentition and soft material leads to distortion-free digital models.

Final outcome is an appliance with a more predictable fit than one fabricated via conventional methods



Lab receives files within minutes of scanning.

Lab can open the file in the design software of it’s choice.

A quick phone call or remote viewing allows both parties to collaborate, even before the patient has left the appointment.



Heavy investment in state-of- the-art dental design software and personnel means our skilled BYTE staff operate the most advanced systems in the industry.

BYTE uses CAD software to improve the quality of design, accuracy of marginal fit and increase continuity of designs.



Dental restorations with precise dimensions and consistency are produced via a faster CAM production process.

Minimal amounts of raw material are required, reducing waste and improving manufacturing efficiency.

BYTE dental milling machinery enables a carefully controlled production process for every restoration using data generated by in-house CAD systems.



Fitment of a BYTE restoration can be undertaken with confidence.

BYTE restorations are milled and hand finished at our UK laboratory to ensure the highest functional and aesthetic standards.


Intraoral scanners

Why not create patient excitement with one of our favoured scanners, the 3Shape or iTero?

3Shape TRIOS® allows you to enhance patient experience with exciting engagement tools, reduce chair-time and embrace new treatment opportunities.

iTero scanner

These scanners will allow you to:

  1. Improve patient experience
  2. Get digital accuracy and limit manual errors
  3. Enjoy easy impression taking and reduce retakes
  4. Save time and see more patients
  5. Save on impression materials and shipping costs
TRIOS scanner

BYTE offers dentists state of-the-art digitally produced restorations that are milled to exacting tolerances for excellent fit and functionality.

All BYTE restorations are milled and hand finished at our UK laboratory to ensure the highest aesthetic standards.

Standard Zirconia

Standard Zirconia

Thanks to the introduction of translucent zirconia billets, these full contour zirconia restorations deliver the characterisation and aesthetic results of porcelain layered products.

Premium Zirconia

Premium Zirconia

Thanks to the introduction of translucent zirconia, these billets full contour zirconia restorations deliver the characterisation and aesthetic results of porcelain layered products. Colour and light permeate through the zirconia to ensure shade consistency.



Ivoclar Vivadent's patented lithium disilicate material is truly a revolution for the dental industry. e.max is a glass ceramic that has optimised translucency, durability and strength for full anatomical and coping based restorations. The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of e.max were all designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and undetectable restorations.

Layered porcelain

Layered porcelain

BYTE's GDC registered technicians are a highly skilled group who can handle everything from your standard PFM and e.max crowns to full-arch porcelain beams. All substructures are designed and made via our industry leading milling or printing facilities, offering you every traditional product but with the advantages of improved tolerance and the reduced cost associated with modern CAD/CAM techniques.



BYTE offer a complete manufacturing process for the rapid production of Chrome frameworks and removable dentures. Design software and ideally coordinated materials, combined with well-designed manufacturing strategies and the cutting-edge manufacture equipment, provide predictable and reproducible results.



BYTE work with every major implant system so no matter which you choose, BYTE can restore it to the highest standard. From simple cement-retained, full-contour crowns to porcelain layered, full arch screw retained bridges, our technicians have the experience to deliver the result you require.



Clear aligners are now a well recognised way for Dentists to achieve minor movement of dentition in patients over the age of fourteen years. Byte’s clear aligner technology, ClearBYTE, offers a flexible and affordable alternative to straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated or tilted forward or backward. Utilising the unparalleled precision of our digital impression and design equipment, ClearBYTE aligners are highly accurate resulting in increased realignment success.

Gold / Metal

Gold / Metal

All metal restorations are available in gold, titanium, or chrome cobalt and are designed and produced using the latest CAD/CAM technology. They are hand finished the traditional way by skilled, registered dental technicians and provide durable, long lasting crowns, inlays and onlays.


Looking to go digital without having to buy an intra-oral scanner? You could even get one for FREE.

BYTE Dental, offers a wide range of packages to clients looking to step into the digital workflow without the need for large upfront investment. They also offer full training and more importantly, ongoing support technical support and back up over and above that offered by the main suppliers.

Exclusive UK laboratory partner to Six Month Smiles

Looking for a full range of services to support your own Laboratory?

BYTE Dental Laboratory is an innovative and state of the art digital dental laboratory providing its services and unique products to laboratories throughout the UK. Our laboratory is built on providing high quality service, excellent communication and work that is delivered on time to meet you and your dentist's needs.

If you would like to learn about how you could benefit from our services and products do not hesitate to get in touch today.

Do you need help with product analysis testing?

We have the equipment and experienced personnel to help you, having undertaken a range of projects, from the development of new CAD CAM equipment, the testing and evaluation of new dental materials and products, all the way through to the clinical study of patient arch sizes using the latest digital technology.

We have worked with companies both large and small to develop and perform testing which accurately provides the information required by our clients to support their entry into the dental market.

  • Dr Jose Cordero Bayo

    Dr Jose Cordero Bayo

    Byte Dental team is what you need to deliver quality and exceptional results to your patients. They are not only professional, they also give you excellent advice making the relationship between patient-dentist- technician easy and reliable. The digital lab you need next to you.

  • Anthony Cooper

    Anthony Cooper

    BYTE Dental Laboratory came and installed the scanner, gave myself and my staff thorough training, and now we’re ready to take impressions. The scanner is going to allow us to directly communicate with the laboratory and we can validate our impressions straightaway for better accuracy and precision. Byte are also helpful in offering membership packages that make the scanner system more affordable. BYTE is the way to go, get on board now!

  • Chris Hurst

    Chris Hurst

    I have collaborated with BYTE on numerous occasions, using their expertise to solve issues within the treatment plan, and they have been amazing at offering solutions that suit both the dentition involved and the patients needs. BYTE’s staff have always been available to offer help remotely whether to deal with software or hardware issues, and in some instances come into the surgery to give assistance directly with some more complex treatments. I’m more than happy with their reliability, quality, quick turnaround of the work, and would highly recommend their services to any Dentist looking to move into the 3D scanning systems.

  • Dr. Patel, Platinum Dental Care

    Dr. Patel

    BYTE Dental have been absolutely amazing, from the dental work produced to the quality of their customer service. Very efficient with communication with both the dentist and the Practice. I can’t speak more highly of them. Everything you want from a lab and more. So far they have been the best lab I have worked with over the past 10 years.

  • Dr. Bacchus, Care Dental Implant Clinic

    Dr. Bacchus

    Superb aesthetics & fit. Very natural appearance, and communication and customer service excellent as always. Happy patient & dentist.

BYTE Membership packages

Every dental practice is different and therefore BYTE offers a choice of tailor made partnership packages to enable your practice to join the digital dentistry revolution.

If your practice already owns an intraoral scanner we have tailored packages to meet your needs too.


Please get in touch by filling in your contact details below and we will respond within three working hours. Alternatively, call us on 01491 411681.

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